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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Brogue Invasion

In case you hadn't noticed there seems to be a multitude of brog, sorry brogue type shoes on the high street. I bought a pair of high heeled burgundy courts with brog detailing from tk maxx recently* and have been wearing in my eBay vintage brogs. Whilst I am happy brogues are coming back into fashion, these high street brogue inspired shoes don't exactly fit the title of 'fembrog'. By that I mean they don't seem to fully carry the spirit of the brog with them.
See these shoes I found on eBay, they are beautiful, no doubt about it but if they were truly fembrogs they would be flat.

A fembrog doesn't compromise, a fembrog knows that heels hurt and there's no pretending they don't. A fembrog knows that you can still look kickass and classy (yes, at the same time!) and not have to hurt your feet.
In short, a true fembrog would never pose in her undies for NUTS and proclaim to all it was liberating.

*I say bought, I mean put on in TK Maxx and walked around in until my mum asked me if I wanted her to buy them for me.
ps these are my views, sam will probs add her tuppence in a bit.


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