The wonderful world of brogues as worn by women, and sometimes men.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Office retro 70's style brogues

The large holes and tan brown make these brogues look like '70s dead stock, but the heel gives a bit a nod to the '50s. Brown and black seem to be cropping up more and more as a cool colour combo, so team these with opaques when it gets colder. For warmer weather wear with lashings of white for a very English summer look. Course its got heels, so only for the hardcore brogue lovers or those with botox injections in their heels.

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Anonymous Terry said...

I've heard that women are now also getting botox injections in the balls of their feet to make it easier to endure wearing high heels longer.
Very interesting trend!



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4:32 pm  

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