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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Cervix Predicts

This is a new feature for all you readers, we are going to grace you with our fashion predictions emanating from our waters. Too lazy to post the ones we originally came up with (bobs, navy, grey...how right were we??!!) we have finally pulled ourselves together and compiled this fancy list:

Plaid Is Rad
We already know Tartan is going to be big, but why not go for the option that doesn't scream "Highland Theme Park Lassie!!" into your fragile shell-likes:

Green Hospital/Dirty Lime

No not some new fangled band...ho ho! But beauteous colours you should be adorning yourself with. Hospital Green is my favourite colour, a genteel sort of minty grey, but fast being superseded by Dirty Lime, a sludgy shade for the acid generation. Bo!

In a fabulous Arcadia fest we have below a lovely dirty lime knit from Topshop :

From Dorothy Perkins we have a very pretty dark hospital green cardi:

These colours really lift all those shades of grey that you are going to be wearing all autumn, and the green will add pink tones to your skin making you look far less washed out and hungover than you obviously will be. For a perfect shade of Hospital Green look no further than my dad's car:

xxx The Cervix xxx


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