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Saturday, October 07, 2006

...And These

Don’t ever listen to me again, these are beauts and really similar to a pair Iso and I spotted in New York about a year ago, only these irregular choice brogs are easy to get hold of, well easier than 4 months off work and 3,000 spare English pounds to wonder around the lower east side drinking soya lattes and looking at hipsteres shoes (I mean furthering our careers with stimulating internships haha.. eerghhh).


Blogger AsomAtous said...

I think you comments on irregular choice were irregular.
In actual fact if you look at their full collection you will see the irregular choice of footwear they offer ranges from the grotesque to the amazing!
Some are wrong, but some are O-so right and at least they are trying something new.
I believe they are a Brighton company, which probably explains why some of them would only be worn by complete victims, but as you proved to yourself, they do make some snazzy numbers.

4:53 pm  

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