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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The cervix bites back

Fuck The Obligatory Talk Of Resolutions and Happy New Yeeeesssss!

Now as I remember, the indie kid was born from the bitter juices of Jarvis and Louise Wener
standing up for themselves against dirty pikeys who would spit on them at school for not owning a kappa tracksuit and yeah this is a good thing even if it did result in the likes of these.


However the indie kid grew up, became a graph' des', moved to old street and started drinking in cafe kick (livin the dream). These perfectly acceptable twenty somethings, many of whom i call friends (and not in the "they can get me freelance work so i hangout in the same bars and looked up their surnames on google sense of the word friends") are turning back into the pikeys that once tormented them at school. The moron leading this old street backlash is MAN LIKE ME (a band name that screams "It scares me that my parents might find out I'm gay if I dress like an indie boy"). They sing, well thats a bit strong, they vomit lyrics about pie n mash, drinking and birds yeeeeahhhh geezzzzz. The cervix can tell that they are just a poncey north london indie boys who have shaved their heads, put on a cockney accent and are being a gob shites!

This horrid trend is sweeping the nation faster than the Horrors Fringes, dressing like a Chav!

Will the next brand of fashionistas be spawned from the venomous juices of Lily Allen and Mike Skinner, I fucking hope not. It means going to trash will be like going to a school reunion at my local comp, I might as well go and flush my head down the loo now.

Love the cervix

(the cervix loves you)



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