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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Living Trend Brog

I managed to persuade Iso to come along to London and see her all time fave character FRANK SIDEBOTTOM at the Tate.

Much fun was had documenting our comic/ pop star idol while drinking Grolsh in mindblowing 2-ply bottles and watching the interval "act" of 2nd year Chelsea students parade around in a naff "unfashion" show. Anyhow crap London Transport fated Iso to staying in the big smoke all weekend and us spending a beautiful sunny day at Chiswick carboot sale.
We must have found about 10 pairs of fembrogs all in size 5 or less. My personal favourites were these beauties:

Not only are they a fabulous, faux leather orange colour but they are covered in little gold lightning bolts!
super classy
super trendy
Alas they where a size 5, although they did spark the idea of starting a brogue collection dedicated to the art of the fembrog.

Mmmm! Imagine having a room full of oak glass cabinets, filled with brogs. A brogue museum no less.

Here are some of the other carboot highlights (all too small for our real woman size feet)


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