The wonderful world of brogues as worn by women, and sometimes men.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

York second hand brogue

These beauties not only have brogue detailing with a spine-tingling (do I sound like a pervert? I'm running out of adjectives here!) suede/patent combo, but they also come with the brogue icing on the cake, a kiltie fastened with a teeny buckle. Man if those shoes weren't a size 4 or whatever they were I would have snapped them up so fast, despite contravening the no painful heel rule. Darn etc...

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Coin-op band member handmade brogue

This is still from Duncan's night, a member of one of the bands, Coin-op, was wearing some really special brogues. They were apparently handmade for a man who had one leg longer than the other which is a really nice story. I like the navy and cream combo, very smart.

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Vaughan's battered trad brogues

If you look carefully you can see he has Imperial Leather written on his left leg, I can only assume alcohol was to blame. The brogues are lovely traditional brown shoes with slightly larger punch holes, and they need a good polish, perhaps even resoling. Anyway a great brogue specimen, I just hope Vaughan's had a bath since then.

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Duncan's Irregular Choice brogues

When my friend Duncan put a music night on recently it was a veritable brogue-fest. I was, disappointingly, wearing canvas pumps. At least it was a good night, so if you're in the Brighton area have a look at the live nights on his MySpace. The brogues are fantastic noveau brogues, with crazy spinning punch holes and are magically set off by the fancy starry socks. Splendid!

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Office Beatrix mary jane reduced to £20

I love these shoes, they're so grannyish and childish and I know I'd only end up wearing them really frumpily but I like em. I've been watching them since Christmas and now they're reduced to £20 so if you love hospital green half as much as me go and buy them.

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eBay purple brogue boot

God bless Canadians, for it is Canada that these boots come from. You can get your hands on them for approx £5 starting auction price which is well cheap. You don't get brogue detailing, purple suede, paisley appliqué and flippin snake effect heels for 5 quid in this country. God Bless Canada!

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ortho-brogs from Schuh

Woo! Check out these brogues! Halfway between a sexy lady brogue and an orthopaedic shoe I have kind fallen in love with these brogues. For sure I think my personality is halfway between a sexy lady and an orthopaedic... shoe. Anyway they also come in black which looks slighty more cowgirl-noir and you can buy them from Schuh for £49.99.

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