The wonderful world of brogues as worn by women, and sometimes men.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Yes To Slender No To Winkle Pickers

I totaly see what you mean about the aunty euro trash look. Those brog from ebay look like the kinda shoes you find on a 5'6 Italian man in a Henley nightclub. I am,however, a fan of the pointy brog (pointy but not winkle pickers). I think a slight point adds a chicness to the brog giving that slight femininity to it, when the point is combined with the heel it all gets a bit lost leaving you with a shoe which lurks in the no mans land of the clarks sale.
I think the best looking brog is slender, flat, well maybe a little lift of 1/4 inch heel and brown or black. I cant think of a worse brog then one that is high and has a square snubbed toe yukkk! (but if i saw a pair at a car boot sale then of course i would still buy them)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pointed Brogues

Now that we have established that flat is where it's at let us discuss another point. Pointy Brogues.
I have a pair of pointy brogues, but generally speaking I think that pointy brogues are just too eurotrash, take a look at these ones I found on eBay:

They typify that 'vaguely fashionable about 10 years ago' look that my french auntie is so fond of. Far be it from me to start acting like a fashion nazi, and upload pics of various fashion "crimes" onto my hilariously bitchay fashion blog, but pointy brogues don't really fit into the fembrog category for moi.

flat attack

That Isabelle speaks the truth.
A true fembrogue should be flat but it seems that you can't buy a flat brog in any shops. I think they prefer the cheaper cozier ground of the chazza shozza or car boot sale . This rareness adds to the heart stopping, breath taking excitment of discovering them. My favorite brog cost £2 from Chiswick car boot sale and now a year on they need resoleing which is gonna cost £38!!!!!!!!!! i could buy 19 pairs for that. If any one knows of any good old lady type car boots let me know as I need to replace my old faithfuls.
Ohhh yes and i strongly recommed wearing fembrogs to interviews as they say
" i am stylish, creative and generally a very cool and assertive woman"

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Brogue Invasion

In case you hadn't noticed there seems to be a multitude of brog, sorry brogue type shoes on the high street. I bought a pair of high heeled burgundy courts with brog detailing from tk maxx recently* and have been wearing in my eBay vintage brogs. Whilst I am happy brogues are coming back into fashion, these high street brogue inspired shoes don't exactly fit the title of 'fembrog'. By that I mean they don't seem to fully carry the spirit of the brog with them.
See these shoes I found on eBay, they are beautiful, no doubt about it but if they were truly fembrogs they would be flat.

A fembrog doesn't compromise, a fembrog knows that heels hurt and there's no pretending they don't. A fembrog knows that you can still look kickass and classy (yes, at the same time!) and not have to hurt your feet.
In short, a true fembrog would never pose in her undies for NUTS and proclaim to all it was liberating.

*I say bought, I mean put on in TK Maxx and walked around in until my mum asked me if I wanted her to buy them for me.
ps these are my views, sam will probs add her tuppence in a bit.