The wonderful world of brogues as worn by women, and sometimes men.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Brogues Are Alright!

I quite like the third one down in the horrors of irregular choice post!
I just think they look the right side of kooky, and the fake tortoiseshell bits are neat.
Before Sam conjures up a plan to kill me, like giving the Friend's charity shop in Kemptown a refurb (this would break my brittle heart into a bajillion pieces), I shall retreat to my hollow, sans internet world.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

...And These

Don’t ever listen to me again, these are beauts and really similar to a pair Iso and I spotted in New York about a year ago, only these irregular choice brogs are easy to get hold of, well easier than 4 months off work and 3,000 spare English pounds to wonder around the lower east side drinking soya lattes and looking at hipsteres shoes (I mean furthering our careers with stimulating internships haha.. eerghhh).

But Before You Burn Down Irregular Choice Get These …

Ok I am a hypocrite, first I slag off irregular choice now I want a pair of their shoes.

There is a pretty little black brog that is understated and would look amazon with black jeans. So if anyone feels like throwing away £57 don’t, buy me these instead.

Now you may carry on with your plans to chop of the hands of irregular choices design department.

Burn Down Irregular Choice for Crimes against Fashion

In the quest to be ahead of the fashion flock we all sometimes make the odd mistake, I still cry when I think of the florescent orange mini skirt (with a zip up the front) I bought (and wore) out in '99 what the fuck was I thinking, maybe I was going for that ironic hooker chic or maybe I was just plain WRONG, much like IRREGULAR CHOICE they have somehow managed to commit some of the worst crimes against footwear and still charge nearly a tonne for their vile wares.

I first caught a sight of this make in Chiswick (not the most fashionable area of London, I admit). I tried on a pair of supposed size 7 stripy gold and black jester-esque boots, but at 80 squids I left these tiny pretties for someone else. The next day I find myself in Hammersmith’s TK Maxx (cause I frequent only go to the trendiest/ hippest shops in London) and saw the most ugly fembrogs in the world, how could this be possible, I have never uttered those two words in the same sentence before. I wanted to rip my eyeballs out/ rock in the shower scrubbing away the ghastly sight. I only had my crappy nokia to document this brog nightmare but the pics do not do them justice, so I will endeavour to describe them to you

1st as wide as two hands put together side by side

2nd turned up at the toe so much I could fit 4 fingers between the floor and the front of the sole

3rd they were tope and tan, yuk yuk yuk,

4th they had a massive great big fraying cord bow (for ornamental purposes)

and 5th they were the same shape as a sponge you wash cars with, umm flattering, they would really make a calf look as long and slender as a pointy stiletto, or not.

So today I decided to find these brogs on the Irregular Choice website and couldn’t, instead I found more pairs of even more ugly fembrogs. Words now fail me, just look slash gawp slash exfoliate your eye sockets.