The wonderful world of brogues as worn by women, and sometimes men.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Le Christmas Message

If I had a spare 95 pound, I would deffo spend it on French Sole's brogue ballet pumps. I can imagine wearing them with white jeans and a cardigan with gold anchor buttons casually slung round my shoulders for a true living end look. I would probably caj them up by wearing them with a neutral skirt, white tee and a trenchcoat to look all fresh and springtime. But that ain't gonna happen, because its bloody freezing and I don't have any money.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey I Remembered All Three Componants Needed To take A Picture

Its been along time coming but we have finally found brogues on the street.
In fact they are everywhere, well everywhere i am but sans camera or battery in my camera or mezza cazza (memory card) in in my camera. Like the night I went to see eighties matchbox at Proud Galleries Camden i must have seen about 7 pairs which i could only take mental photographs of and those mental picture don't upload very well on the firefox browser so you will just have to take my word for it.

I have just bought some Keds from Schuh for a whooping £25 I know they are usually about $10 in USA but when all you want is a plain pump to drawing a brogue design on then they really are the only option. Ill be posting step by step photos of my kedbrog Christmas project soon!! bet you cant wait.


i can't believe i didn't know sooner but there is an Irish band of old called Brogue and heres the album cover to prove it

umm men with good taste
and the one on the left is actually jesus!