The wonderful world of brogues as worn by women, and sometimes men.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Back To Our Roots

Iso and I realised that since the world as we know it ended aka Isos camera broke and I became freelance neither of us have been out on the street finding the unique quirky and all round amazing brogues that we found at the beginning of the year. We are now making a “note to self” to get hunting in clubs, on the tube, at private views (a great fembrog haunt) and in the office to find those real brogues as worn by cool people, we might even have some interviews ohhhh yeah check us !!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lessons in Fembrog

We don't know how lucky we are to have the UK high street, the amount of choice is staggering. Sure there are bad points, prices seem to have gone up and there's always the question of ethical labour; but on the whole compared other countries, esp the US us brits have got it good. So given all the choice I have decided to give a fembrog high street round-up, starting with Faith. I'm sorry to start on a negative note, but the shoe below, 'Celina', is a monstrosity, cover ye eyes wenches! Note the spike heel; fembrog wearers have no need for spike heels as they never get into fights or need to vamp it up down their local JD Sports Wetherspoons. I quite like the 'Carlin', bit office-wear but getting warmer. I really like this preppy brog, despite the heel 'Cai' is good looking, its a bit retro, a bit laydee, and has a dash of 80's Wall Street. Another contender is the 'Acapella', a flat suede pump which also comes in pink, kinda cutesy for me but I still like them.

My favourite from Faith, even though they are pretty OTT, are the Ajazzaday brogs. Insanity and frivolity are two of the best things about being a woman, and Faith have combined these qualities in a shoe. This probably the first time ever gold and silver styles of a shoe have been the toned down versions.... I love em!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Non-Brog Alert

I know these shoes aren't brogues, and they're heels, but they're so bookish, and called Wuthering Hights! Marvellous.

Office Brogs

Office have revamped their website, adding loads more shoes, wahey! So I thought I'd bring you some brog offerings to appease the brogblog gods for not updating...
I like the Angus flats, they're cute, cool and not too girly. Like the name suggests, I can see them worn with tartan and accesorised with a headbutt.. See you Jimmy!
I also like the salt-of-the-earth true fembrogs, they mean business and they are the bizzo
I really like the way Office's mid-heels really are mid-heels, aka ones that I could wear, none of this 'oh they're only 3 inches, I love heels don't you??' rubbish.